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Young Orchestras

Young Orchestras is a Community Interest Company (CIC), trading as since 1 April 2011.

Young Orchestras is a social enterprise that operates under the business structure of a CIC, we are a special type of limited company who exists to benefit the community, without the restrictions of a registered charity.  

Our small Board of Directors are all volunteers who bring a wealth of skills and experience to Young Orchestras to facilitate a diverse array of events and projects.

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Young Orchestras is dedicated to inspiring, challenging and developing young people by providing unique opportunities to be creative through music making.

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Young Orchestras promote a strong ethos through three key values: to inspire, challenge and develop young people.  We aim to provide unique opportunities through various creative music projects and events.

Our organisation is not limited to providing opportunities to one specific group of musicians or young people with a particular background or need.  Young Orchestras is proud to promote and support a wealth of different creative projects that can impact the development of a wide range of young musicians.  However, we endeavour to ensure our individual projects are designed to inspire musicians with specific and unique opportunities to aid their own personal development.

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Through our work, we aim to:

  • Inspire young people to build on their own personal musical experiences;

  • Challenge young people to stretch themselves in a supportive and welcoming environment;

  • Develop musicianship and musicality between our young people through professional guidance;

  • Be creative and innovative when designing music projects and events to suit the needs of specific individuals or groups by providing unique opportunities.

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Through our work, young people:

  • Make strong and lasting local, national and international friendships with fellow musicians;

  • Experience a high level of music making by creating and sharing music with young people, professionals and audiences alike;

  • Develop their ability to speak different languages, particularly English;

  • Develop their leadership and ensembles skills alongside confidence and independence;

  • Take pride in themselves and the music they create.

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Get in touch with Young Orchestras to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

+44 7809 618 742

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Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity

Young Orchestras is committed to equality and we work to ensure the diversity of our Directors, sponsors, partners and young people enhances and contributes to the overall experience for all involved.  Our inclusive and supportive environment is at the heart of our work to inspire, challenge and develop young musicians.

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