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Our Students: Testimonials

"A truly life changing course."

“After an amazing time at EYMW 2014, I knew I would be back to play some great music and meet new and old friends. We played pieces from Stravinsky, Saint Saens, Dvorak, Malcolm Arnold, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Haydn, Rossini, Handel and Larsson. The professional and patient conductors helped us to improve. It was a pleasure to play great music with great people from all over the Europe and the USA. EYMW gave me a unique experience.”

"The best mixture of fun and music."

“This was my very first time playing in an orchestra and also my first time playing the trumpet with people and I think it remains one of the best times I’ve had. I am really thankful for the people I met and for the music we played passionately. I am looking forward to returning next year. It was great pleasure to be a part of EYMW and to share music with so many people from different countries.”

"The course is a fantastic opportunity to improve your playing and skills as a musician, yet also have fun at the same time and establish life-long friendships!"

“I am a French viola player studying at the Royal Academy of Music of London. EMYW is the ideal place to meet interesting and foreign people, to improve the orchestral skills by rehearsing a lot in a delightful atmosphere. We had three great conductors who really motivated us to offer the best of ourselves; they were very persuasive and incredibly dynamic. One thing I really appreciate at this course is the multiculturalism: England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Taiwan, USA… As we come from different countries, our skills are different and therefore we learn much more from the others as well! The atmosphere is incredible!”

"Without a doubt the best week of the year. I feel that I learn and achieve more with orchestral music during this week than during any other time of the year. Making international friendships is also central to the week and the friendly and open environment created during the course is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone!"

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